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Caricatures From Photographs

Caricatures from photographs for only £18 or £30 for one of two people on a drawing by artist Karla which includes free delivery

Nurse Caricature Cartoon
I can do caricatures from photographs or by studying the person's face and with a description of what you would like in the picture for £18 which includes postage and packing to the UK. Please contact me for overseas rates.
On the left is my husband - he calls this picture "the conflict of work"! It was drawn when he was a nurse and would rather have been drinking tea instead of emptying bed bottles!

Caricature Drawing

Please note that each caricature drawing has been scanned and reduced in size so the quality is no where as good as an original.

Caricature Artist

Golf Caricature Cartoon
I have been a caricature artist for many years and have been drawing cartoons for many people with a range of jobs and hobbies. These have included golfers, people walking their dog, soldiers and army officers, RAF personnel, policemen, fishermen and sailors. To the left is a beautiful double caricature of a bride and groom on their wedding day. Sadly it lost some resolution in the scanner. Beneath this is the photograph I used to create the golf and shopping themed drawing. Read their thank you letter.

Golf Caricature Photo
I can accept payment by cheque or by Paypal which enable you to pay securely with a range of credit cards.

Caricatures From Photos

Please allow 28 days notice to complete the caricatures from photos. I will need payment in advance, at least one photograph and a description of what you would like on your caricature drawing.

The artwork will be sent either in a protective tube or a large protected envelope with a hard card boarded backing to protective the picture.

The medium used is black ink.

A single caricature is only £18 and a double caricature (two people) is £30.

Please send cheques, made payable to Karla Buswell, and details to:

Karla Buswell
PO Box 18620
AB42 3WZ


Alternatively for credit card or Paypal payments for a single caricature:

For credit card or Paypal payments for a double caricature:

Please note that they are not framed.

I helped with the artwork for the cover of my husband’s book which tells the story of The Grey Lady Ghost of the Cambridge Military Hospital which reveals her origins in the QAIMNS and where she meets a QA veteran of Afghanistan. She still walks her wards and tells her story by taking Scott Grey, a QARANC nurse, to the battlefields of World War One and beyond. This is the first in the series of Grey and Scarlet Novels by CG Buswell. Read the first chapter for free.

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