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Black Labrador Pictures

Beautiful black Labrador painting which was commissioned from a photo - have your dog captured on canvas by Karlas Creative Capers. Includes images and pictures with a history of the breed
Black Labrador Painting From Photo Send me a photo of your dog or pet and I will paint a portrait of it using acrylic paints on canvas. The finished pet portrait will be ready to hang straight onto your wall. The black labrador pictures image to the left is the finished canvas for a family in Ellon as a Christmas present whilst the photo below is the image I worked from to produce the dog portrait.

The canvas size is 30cm x 30cm.

I can deliver the animal portraits to areas near Aberdeen, Scotland, otherwise they are sent by recorded delivery in protective packaging and wrapping, which is included in the price.

Black Labrador Photograph Please send the photograph(s) of your pet, which will be returned, with a cheque for £50 made payable to Karla Buswell, and your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address to:

Karla Buswell
PO Box 18620
AB42 3WZ

Alternatively I can now accept payment through PayPal and Credit Cards by clicking on the buy now button below:

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Prices include UK postage and packing and all paintings are sent in a special protective packaging.

Black Labrador Photos

The pet painting below was commissioned by a lady in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire for her husband as a birthday gift and was painted from the black Labrador photos which I have scanned below the black lab pet portrait. It was a larger size and would not fit my scanner so the real life quality is much better. The size of the full body black Labrador pet portrait is 45cm by 35cm and it takes a few days extra to paint so costs £80. It was ready to hang on the wall and personally delivered.

Black Labrador Pet Portrait

Black Labrador Photo

Black Labrador

It is such a friendly, assertive, energetic but mellow and good natured dog, known for its intelligence and ability to learn quickly. They make ideal companions and are used successfully as guide dogs and as dogs for the deaf. They make great family pets and are usually fine around children. They can be boisterous, but through play rather than naughtiness: so do need training from an early age.

They are often nicknamed labs and are coloured brown (chocolate), yellow (golden) or black.

They are large dogs and male dogs can weigh about 35 kg whilst a female lab can weigh up to 32kg. They generally live to the age of 12 years. They are prone to hip dysplasia and luxating patellas so do look at the hip scores with the breeders.

The characteristic look of a Labrador dog is of a broad head with a clean-cut. Their ears hang close to their head. Unfortunately this means they are prone to ear infections because of trapped moist air under their floppy ears. Their nose colour will match the colour of their coat.

They love to fetch things like stick or balls and like to carry objects in their mouth. With correct training they will do so gently and bring thrown things back to their owners. They love being in the water and their coat is suited to this as most of the water will glide off their coat after a good shake.

Black Labrador Breed

The Black Labrador breed originates from Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada where it was cross bred from a St. John's Water Dog and a Newfoundland. They were originally named The Lesser Newfoundland but the Earl of Malmesbury wanted to distinguish them apart from this breed and called them Labradors. It is thought that the name was given because the Spanish and Portuguese words for workers is Labradores.

The breed was popular with fishermen who trained the dogs to help in bringing fishing nets to shore by grabbing the floating corks on the ends of the nets and pulling them ashore. The water was too cold for the fishermen to do this safely. They were also trained to carry ropes in the water.

The first painting of a Labrador was by Edwin Landseer in 1814 and called it Cora: A Labrador Bitch.

The UK Kennel Club recognised the breed in 1903. This was helped by the breed being a favourite of King George V who particularly loved them.

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